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Policy Area: Energy

The U.S. is home to a diverse and competitive energy landscape that is changing fast, with new opportunities for companies in various sectors.

The United States is a leader in global energy production, consumption, and exports. The diverse and competitive energy landscape of the U.S. is changing rapidly. Meeting the growing demand for energy both domestically and abroad while reducing emissions is a key objective for energy policy. This requires innovation and a predictable environment for investments and trade with new technologies. The energy sector is the key driver behind a new manufacturing boom in the U.S., growing clean technology industries, renewables, and nuclear energy. The renaissance of industrial policy is deeply intertwined with energy. The U.S. has also become the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas as it employs technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

All of these developments provide ample opportunity for a transatlantic marketplace where German and American companies work together to secure the energy needs and climate goals of the future. Key sectors include renewable and traditional energy, energy infrastructure, clean technology manufacturing, energy-intensive industry, and energy efficiency, among many others.

Businesses serving the U.S. market are well-advised to be aware of energy, climate, and environmental policies. RGIT informs about policy developments in Washington and offers insights about business opportunities across the country. Furthermore, RGIT supports transatlantic cooperation to help the U.S. and Europe meet the energy needs of the future.

Patrick McCown
Patrick McCown, Policy Manager
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