German Business Matters

RGIT informs about the significance of German businesses in the U.S. and introduces a new website

German Business Matters - 4,800 German subsidiaries employ almost 674,000 people in the US, almost half of them in the manufacturing sector. Direct investment from Germany amounts to $ 373 billion. Germany ranks fourth among foreign direct investors. The Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT) is providing a state-by-state analysis of imports, exports, and jobs on the new website

The website was launched on the occasion of the event Celebrating 30 Years of Transatlantic Cooperation. The liaison office of BDI and DIHK was founded in 1988 to further deepen transatlantic economic relations. Daniel Andrich, President and CEO of RGIT, underlined in his welcome speech that German companies strongly support US efforts to create jobs and increase exports.

In a conversation between Volker Treier, Deputy Chief Executive of DIHK, and Peter Rashish, Head of AICGS Geoeconomics Program, Treier stated that the US remains an attractive investment and manufacturing hub for German companies.