Vocational Education and Training

The German system of vocational education and training is deemed to be the backbone of German economy.

Political actors in the United States are curious about this kind of vocational training due to the lack of a comparable US-approach. Aside from German companies’ subsidiaries, American firms do realize this absence as well when they advertise for high-skilled, dual off- and on-the-job trained applicants.

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Vocational Education in Germany

Advantages of the dual system of apprenticeship:

For Companies:


  • Creating professions that meet sector-specific demands
  • Value-added contribution of the apprentices
  • Next generation of skilled workers assured

For Apprentices


  • Long-term job perspectives by experiencing goal-driven education
  • Acquisition of job-related and social skills during the apprenticeship
  • Additional motivation by getting an apprentice's pay (earning and learning)

For the State


  • Releasing the state’s liabilities
  • Low youth unemployment