Roundtable on U.S. and German Energy Policy hosted by RGIT

07/12/2016 AHK RGIT-USA - News-Hauptkategorie

A delegation of European energy professionals, led by Dr. Carsten Rolle, Secretary General of the German Member Committee of the World Energy Council, visited the Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT) on July 11, to exchange perspectives on US and German policy with American energy experts. The discussion was opened by overviews on German and U.S. energy policy, given respectively by Dr. Rolle and Barry Post, RGIT’s Commercial and Energy Policy Analyst. The roundtable of experts discussed best practices regarding the design of future electricity markets and the role utility companies could play, the energy transitions underway on both sides of the Atlantic, and the competitiveness of renewables in an era of low-priced natural gas and oil.

The delegation included representatives of companies in the European energy sector, the German government, and in journalism. Experts in US Energy policy from the Department of Energy, Atlantic Council, BASF, the National Association of Manufacturers and the US Energy Association met with the delegation and participated in a lively discussion.