RGIT meets with NACo


On March 4, RGIT hosted a business breakfast with the National Association of Counties (NACo) and several county commissioners from Alabama, California, Louisiana, North Carolina and Ohio. They discussed how counties can help tackle the challenges that German businesses face when locating in the United States. RGIT also unveiled for the first time new tools for the analysis of overall trends in the geographical distribution of German businesses on a state and county level. During the meeting, RGIT highlighted five main factors that are critical for German businesses in the US: the size of the market, the infrastructure, suppliers, the immigration policy and skilled workers. RGIT and NACo especially saw the lack of skilled labor in the U.S. manufacturing sector as one of the major current issues for many international subsidiaries and U.S. companies. County members expressed a particular interest in the German dual vocational training system and stressed the need for establishing new standards for vocational training in the U.S. RGIT and NACo agreed on the fact that one of the main objectives to pursue in the future would be the implementation and generalization of mutually accredited training programs with similar curricula in both Germany and the U.S.