Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy with Vice-Chancellor Roesler’s Business Delegation


On May 23, RGIT hosted a group of experts drawn from government and industry to explore the topics of cybersecurity and data privacy in the context of a panel discussion. The audience consisted of German internet entrepreneurs who were visiting the US together with Germany’s vice chancellor and economics minister Philipp Roesler

Managing these issues effectively is of crucial importance to the business community, consumers, and the national governments that provide the legal and regulatory frameworks under which commerce in a globalized society functions.  The Obama administration and its predecessors, as well as the European Union, have previously taken steps to ensure the integrity and privacy of financial and consumer information.  More recently, policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic have initiated steps to secure national IT infrastructures.  The questions that arise in connection with officially mandated actions are whether government has the capacity to fully understand threats and risks of this kind.  More importantly, does government have the capacities to develop and promulgate appropriate responses and preventive measures to forestall potentially disruptive activity on the part of organized crime and rogue states?  Should it perhaps be left to industry alone to craft and implement a range of appropriate responses and preventive measures? 

Panelists included:

  • Robert Cresanti, Vice President of Public Policy, SAP America Inc.
  • Matthew Eggers, Senior Director, National Security & Emergency Preparedness Department, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • David Jung, Senior Manager for Government and Corporate Relations, Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc.
  • Michael Scardaville, Director for European and Multilateral Affairs, Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Tim Sheehy, Director of Electronic Commerce Policy, IBM Corporation

 RGIT’s legal counsel Peter Esser moderated the discussion.