New DIHK Economic Survey reveals a mixed mood in German Industry


This summer’s positive outlook of German industry with regard to economic trends has been overshadowed somewhat by recent developments, according to the recent fall 2012 DIHK Economic Survey. Many companies changed their assessment of the situation from good to satisfactory. Reasons for this include diminished market demand and financing difficulties experienced by customers, especially from within the Eurozone. The ongoing debt crisis as well as the general drop-off in the pace and activity of the global economy cause companies to exercise greater cautious and hold back on investments, with a commensurate deterioration of expectations. Domestic demand continues to be on a high level. In contrast, the cooling of the global economy reduces the pace of export growth. As such, the number of optimistic forecasts lies only fractionally above the share of pessimistic expectations. Please find more information on the current economic situation in Germany and the companies’ prospects for the current year in the attached documents.

More information: DIHK Economic Survey Fall 2012 - Short Version (PDF), Flyer: DIHK Economic Survey Fall 2012 as well as the DIHK-GDP-Forecast for 2012 /2013 (Fall)