Member of the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary, visits RGIT


TTIP Roundtable Discussion with MEP Caspary (middle) and invited guests

German EU parliamentarian and EPP speaker for transatlantic relations, Daniel Caspary (CDU), met with representatives of US business associations and companies on June 19th to exchange views on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  During the roundtable discussion moderated by RGIT, Caspary addressed agricultural issues, questions of privacy in electronic services, public procurement on all administrative levels, genetic engineering, and the inclusion of financial services into TTIP. Amongst the invited guests were representatives of the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Business Roundtable, IBM, the Institute of International Finance as well as the National Foreign Trade Council.

The nature of the negotiations will be crucial to TTIP’s success, Caspary said. He welcomed the consultations with the parliaments and other stakeholders prior to the official negotiations. According to Caspary, a majority of the European Parliament Members has been supporting the idea of a free trade agreement since 2008. When questioned about divergent approaches amongst Member States of the European Union, Caspary countered the EU has enormous experience in developing huge projects through extensive negotiation processes, despite its diversity. The adoption of a common currency, the euro, and a common market were just two examples for this ability. The aptitude of the European Union and the USA to reach a comprehensive agreement should not be underestimated. The American side pointed out the necessity to advertise for the TTIP agreement not only within Congress but also towards groups such as the National Governors Association (NGA).