Joint Declaration of Intent on Vocational Training


On June 5th, the Federal Ministries of Education and Research, Economic Affairs and Energy, and Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Departments of Commerce, Education, and Labor of the United States of America signed a Joint Declaration of Intent in Washington DC, on vocational training cooperation. The Joint Declaration addresses the growing demand for skilled workers in the U.S., despite the lack of apprentice-style courses. The well-respected German model of dual and vocational training can support the United States in its effort to train highly skilled workers. German companies in the U.S. have successfully implemented this model, and seek to expand it.

According to Dr. Thomas Zielke, Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT) "German companies will continue to invest in the U.S. market, which in turn leads to an increased demand for skilled labor. Both German and U.S. companies are undertaking huge efforts in order to maintain a strong and skilled workforce that is able to produce high quality products that are able to compete worldwide. The US and Europe are only able to stay competitive when we work together and put more emphasis on training our future workforce."