Informational brochure about World Bank procurement (in German only)


The procurement procedures of the World Bank provide opportunities for German companies. In the past fiscal year, the World Bank has provided over U.S. $ 35 billion in loans and grants for projects in developing and emerging countries. According to the bank these projects generate over 100,000 contracts with the private sector annually.

To familiarize yourself with the current procurement procedures of the World Bank, the office of the Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT) has published a brochure that describes the project cycle of the Bank, shows sources for pre-project information before the actual bidding process, and explains the 14 possibilities which are available from the World Bank for the purchase of goods, works and services as well as consultancy work.

Under the current Procurement Policy Review of the Bank, which was initiated in the spring of 2012, the current procurement rules are being revised. A new or revised system of the procurement process is expected to be used by mid-2015. Until then the rules as described in the brochure will remain valid.