BDI: German and U.S. Business Leaders Call for Action to Deepen the Transatlantic Partnership


BDI U.S. Business Roundtable: Hans-Peter Keitel, Angela Merkel, Andrew Liveris

Members of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and Business Roundtable (BRT) met Tuesday in Berlin and discussed proposals for how U.S., German and other European business leaders can help deepen U.S.-EU relations through the creation of a new Transatlantic Partnership (TAP).

BRT and BDI welcome the decision of U.S. and EU leaders at the recent EU-U.S. Summit to assess options for strengthening the transatlantic economic relationship and enhanced cooperation on global issues of common interest.

“We are encouraged by the resolve of U.S. and EU leaders to take further steps towards an integrated transatlantic market. Such a vision is necessary to revitalize transatlantic leadership in addressing critical current issues such as economic growth and job creation through trade, investment, and effective regulation around the world”, said BDI President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Keitel “Especially in times of severe financial challenges, transatlantic leadership is necessary to avoid protectionist and discriminatory measures.” According to the OECD, the dismantling of trade barriers is economically most beneficial for both the EU and the U.S. and could lead to up to 3.5 percent growth on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“It is time for stronger transatlantic leadership on international trade, investment, and regulatory issues. Increased cooperation and collaboration on these issues is essential to driving economic expansion in the United States and the EU,” said Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company.

Following their meeting on economic, trade and energy policies, the business leaders were joined by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Together, they discussed further steps towards a closer transatlantic economic cooperation.

The BRT delegation was led by Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company. The BDI delegation was led by Hans-Peter Keitel, President of BDI. Both delegations included a broad range of companies representing significant investors in both countries.