Contact Persons

Dr. Thomas Zielke
President and CEO, Representative of German Industry and Trade

CV Thomas Zielke
E-mail: thzielke(at)

Kevin Heidenreich
Deputy Representative of German Industry and Trade
Public Relations and Press, Co-Editor Washington News
US Economic Policy
Education Policy

CV Kevin Heidenreich

Email: kheidenreich(at)

Adiam Baire
Administrative Assistant

Technical Editor - RGIT Publications
Event Management and Finance
Program Coordinator - Internship


E-Mail: abaire(at)

Daniela Berger-Huza   
Executive Project Manager
Executive Assistant to the President
Project and Event management
Web-editor RGIT Website
Technical Editor RGIT publications

 E-mail: dbergerhuza(at)

Verena Heinzen-Perez
Finance and Administration Manager
Human Resources
Office Management
Coordination IT

E-mail: vheinzenperez(at)

Elizabeth Livengood
Director Trade Policy

U.S. Trade Policy
German and EU Trade Policy
Tariff and Non-Tariff barriers
Export Controls
Energy and Environmental Policy

E-Mail: elivengood(at)

Dr. Christoph Schemionek
Director Regional Economic Policy, World Bank Liaison

World Bank/IMF Liaison
U.S. Infrastructure
U.S. Regional Economic Development
Vocational Training
Editor Washington News, RGIT Publications

E-Mail: cschemionek(at)

Lindi von Mutius
Director Legal Policy and Government Affairs
Legal/Legislative and Federal/State Affairs
International Business Issues
Alien Tort Statute, Class Actions
Immigration Policy
Intellectual Property
Corporate Tax

E-mail: lvonmutius(at)